Exclusive Interview With Dhiraj Kumar, Author Of ‘The Asocial Networking’

I have come across to read many books written by debutant and promising authors in recent past. Among them one book has done well, is Dhiraj Kumar’s “The Asocial Networking”. The author attempts to explore the reality behind the ‘virtual world’ and present us with the many known and unknown facets of the social networking sites. He also tries to look onto the future of mankind and its changing priorities, through the future of social networking sites like Facebook. Dhiraj Kumar is very sharp and critical in the modern changing status of socializing in the virtual world under the real world.

Jamshedpur born, an IIT Kanpur graduate, Dhiraj Kumar’s writing style is impeccable and never bores us. We are sure that readers across all spectrums would love “The Asocial Networking”.

In a candid conversation with Susmita Bose, this promising author has talk freely on various topic.

Congratulations on your debut book “The Asocial Networking “. Tell us briefly about your journey from being an IT professional to an author…

I joined IT industry just after finishing my B Tech. it was indeed a great learning experience. I have also done MBA after working for almost two and a half years as a software engineer. And it is during my MBA studies that I started writing. I have the privilege of studying in one of the best institutions of India which was a huge, huge advantage.

What was the motivation behind this particular book?

In the last couple of years I have seen great influx of people joining social networking and spending a lot of their active time. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who is not active on the social space. I am also an active user on social networking but I have mixed feelings about its capabilities and usages. I am also disenchanted by the fact that social networking itself has created     an ecosystem. These things gave enough food for thought for writing about pros and cons about social networking.

What kind of response you are receiving? Any unique experience…

So far I am receiving good response from the readers’ community. I am also getting mixed reviews from the critic.

Why you are so severely critical about social networking and new trend of socializing?

Social networking is just an offshoot of technological revolution. At best it can serve as the supplement to the conventional form of communication. But it is made to look as if it is an entirely new entity which I believe is just a fad. Imagine yourself sitting just 10 years back, and contemplate of having social networking websites getting so much of popularity. Similarly it wouldn’t be hard to foresee that in few years time, something more than social networking would replace the prevalent social networking.

What I am trying to say is that just like any new technologies social networking too, has a limited shelf life, and we might see something more replacing it soon.

What is the danger of social networking according to you?

The danger obviously is real interactions among people taking a beating. in addition, people infatuation towards connecting on web has taken the sheen off any social gatherings.

Did you have a target readership in mind when you write “The Asocial Networking”.

My target audience is obviously those readers who are acting on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. They are the people who would be able to relate to the points that I have raised in my book.

Are you using ‘social networking’ to promote this book? 🙂

This is indeed a tricky question. so far I have desisted from active promotion on social space. However, I am doing my best to promote my book through other channels.

Your candidature of ‘Chacha Choudhary’ as the cartoon icon of independent India is truly amazing.:) – But why him only?

Somehow I feel that the current generation of younger people do not look for icons in our own country. we would rather see Hollywood movies and idolize everything that are inspired by western culture. Chach chaudhary is just the person who has universal appeal among all age groups, and may become icon of sort if carried forward properly.

Dhiraj Kumar

How is your experience with your publisher?

The experience so far has been good. I am well supported by my publisher and I am planning to write many more book.

What is your take on changing the stereotyped attitude towards relationships in our so-called modern society?

Relationship among people have taken an entirely new shape. With the advent of social networking. earlier, relationship status was not something which was all to see and discuss about. it used to be largely a private matter known to very close friends.

Now, People have become all the more conscious about their looks and their social standing and of course the relationship status.  We would like to not only share good experience with our loved ones, but we would want to show it off to the world.  And with so much of visual imagery splattered all across the social media, people have become all the more concerned about their relationships.

Tell us about the books & authors that have inspired you.

My inspiration has been Khalil Gibran, R K narayaynan  robin sharma  and paul Choleo. I like reading their books, their simple and elegant way of writing and also the sens of philosophy that tend to make their work all the more readable and enjoyable.

Tell us something about your future plans? Have you started planning for your next book? What would be the topic?

I am working on two books. One is based on one liners and the other is about brands. I am not getting enough time because of my professional obligations, and sometimes I feel bad about this.

How easy or difficult is writing according to you?

I won’t say writing is all that easy. But I would also not say that it is very tough. Most of the people in India are well read people. We start reading newspapers at young age, read stories in our classes and also the text book. I believe we all have the capability of writing, after having read so much. It is just that few of us make an attempt to take it seriously.

What interests you other than writing?

My other interests include painting, photography and abstract art. Now I am learning painting and devote great lot of time doing abstract art and learning a few tips from my tutor.

Any message to the Spectralhues readers…

We are all good people, talented people and young and energetic. We all live with the potential of making great inroads in our professional and private life. But most of the time we just choose to get involved in our day -today work, and stop thinking and doing big. It is easy to find a decent job and lead a respectable life in the society, but it is all the more difficult and challenging to do something which have a bearing on our community. We need people who can take challenge and create jobs or change the way things are done. We need innovators, scientists, professors and teachers.

Thanks for your time, will meet again. Wish you good luck for your future.

Thanks a lot for your time and caring to publish my interview.

It was indeed a pleasure talking to Dhiraj Kumar. This young aspiring author is hopeful to receive due success for his honest attempted and well researched book “The Asocial Networking”.  Spectralhues is wishing him all the very best for his future endeavors and hopes he would come up with many more remarkable books.

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