Chit chat with Aakash Deep

Aakash Deep, a third year computer science engineering student from Durgapur has come up with his debut novel ‘Those Days… I Never Cared About’. The novel deals with every sphere of teenage life, committing mistakes and learning from them, teaching us so much about things we consider to be irrelevant but they actually matter a lot.

Interview with Aakash DeepAakash is not just another engineering student writer. He is also a great guitarist and is a part of Insignia Band. In a chit chat with Harshita Srivastava, Aakash reveals his humourous side to the readers.

Harshita: What plans do you have for this V Day?

Aakash: Sell my books to couples in a park. And singles following them.

Harshita: And how has the journey of writing been so far?

Aakash: I never realised that a long duration of time has slipped by since I started scribbling and got accidentally published.

Harshita: So basically it has been a fun ride, eh?

Aakash: Yes. Absolutely. And writing is for entertaining people, that’s what I feel. And to entertain someone, you must be happy at heart too.
Harshita: So tell us something about your book.

Aakash: Ummm..where do I start..The book is basically a fun ride about few people and their trysts with situations, awkward, funny or testing at times. It is based on real life incidents (not mine).
The love story is just an icing on the cake, you may say.

Harshita: How close is Sashwat to Aakash?

Those days by Aakash DeepAakash: Very different I must say. Some features are matching, definitely but as individuals, Sashwat and Aakash are two different people. Sashwat is one of those kinds of guys who would sit coyly and not speak to strangers, while Aakash is a complete extrovert. There are plenty of differences.

Harshita: So Aakash is an extrovert and what does Aakash when not writing?

Aakash: Well I have a very busy day out. I have jamming sessions with Insignia(that’s my band in which I play Lead Guitar and vocals). I have photography as a hobby and I am a complete Facebook addict.
What comes last to me is academics. I study the night before the exam only.

Harshita: So what about your ideal girl? Should she be something like Swadha?

Aakash: Definitely not. Swadha is born out of imagination. My ideal girl should be a blend of good and bad. But the blend must be awesome

Harshita: Is there a particular age group you are targeting through your book?

Aakash: Not really. I got the book published accidentally, I don’t know the kind of readers I will get nor have planned a strategic marketing plan.

Harshita: And how long did u take to complete your piece of work?

Aakash: I don’t exactly remember. I think it took about half an year.

Harshita: And what is the story behind the title of your book?

Aakash: Initially, the book was named “Anything Else” but due to some issues, we had to rename this book. So finally we named it ‘Those days…’ as it hinted at the nostalgic theme that the book constantly portrays. Only readers can tell if the title justifies the book.

Harshita: Any message to the readers?

Aakash: Read my book. Gift them to your loved ones. Tell your girlfriends/boyfriends/fast friends/just friends/chat buddies/neighbour’s about it and I will be insanely grateful. However, I will request all my readers to mail me their honest reviews at

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