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Mumbai City has always had a wide variety of choices when it comes to food. Be it the Vada Pav or the extremely sophisticated French cuisine, Mumbai offers glimpses of everything.

During recent times, due to Globalisation and commercialisation of Gastronomy, the local cuisine: Maharashtrian Food has faded into the background. But, a little joint called Shree Dutta Snacks has brought back Maharashtrian Food into the scene and how!


Shree Dutta, Goregaon East, has no seating facilities. People queue up to place their orders at one counter and collect the food from the other. The only thing having a close resemblance to a high table is the granite partition between the two counters and the neighbouring shops.


Shree Dutta Snacks started as a small business which has now gone as far as being the most preferred stop on the Mumbai-Pune Express Way.

Serving traditional Maharashtrian Food, Shree Dutta also caters to the sweet tooth.

The Misal Pav, a traditional dish served by them is a rave across all age groups. Pulses cooked in an amazing thin gravy served with Farsan and onions, the public is gaga over this beauty. Served with *extra tarri* or gravy, this is a must have.


Other signature dishes are The Thalipith, Batata Vada, Farali Pattice and Mattar Pattice. All these are fast moving items, so you are sure to get freshly prepared and hot food!

It is really difficult to find a good joint catering to *Fast Food*: The items one eats during fasting. Shree Dutta has been a pioneer. They serve the best Sabudana Khichadi and Sabudana Wada. Crispy, well fried, yet not dripping in oil, the Sabudana Wada is a class apart. Their Sabudana Khichadi is the one item on their menu you may never get to taste as it’s the fastest moving item.


Lastly, one of my personal favourites is the Kharvas. The Kharvas is a milk based sweet which is made from the buffalo’s milk. Soft, sweet and with an amazing texture, this is sure to give you the guilt trip you crave. The buttermilk, Kokam Sherbat and the Piyush compliment the dishes really well.

Shree Dutta has stood it’s ground today, helping the Maharashtrian Food triumph time and again.
They have an outlet in Goregaon East near the station which is always bubbling with excitement any time of the day!

Highly Recommended
Happy Binging

Written By Rucha Bedekar

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