J’s Cafe: Mumbai’s student-favorite food joint

Mumbai City is well known for the variety of  food it offers. Right from the Taj to the Chai waala in the very next lane, the Maximum City has it all!

Being a student in Mumbai comes with its own perks and challenges. We, college students, are really resourceful when it comes to finding affordable yet delicious food. Ask any student, and you’ll be led to the most popular joint in the area.

The J Café is one such student-favourite joint. Located opposite H.R. College in Churchgate, they have recently opened a new outlet at Carter Road, Bandra. But what’s so special about The J?

It is the only joint in the city serving FRIES exclusively! Now, this was a refreshing change from the normal sandwiches, pizzas and Dosas; hence it was welcomed enthusiastically by everyone! The concept of serving fries in a cone is adopted from Belgium, where ‘cone-fries’ are a pretty common sight.


The J has taken the city by storm! At the first glance, it isn’t all too pleasing to the eye as there is no propper seating. People eat while standing around two tall tables, against a noisy backdrop of the café staff announcing orders. But once you see the crowd, curiosity gets the better of you and you unconsciously become a part of that very crowd!

The Menu curated by the J is a stroke of sheer genius. Quirky names like the J in the Jungle, Bollywood Fries, Tandoori Chicken Fries, Fish n Chips entice your imagination. But the hero of the menu is The Pizza Fries: an amazing marriage between two all time favourites, Pizza and Fries. Topped off with Melted Mozzarella and Jalapeño Cheese sauce, the fries are marinated in Marinara sauce. These are served in a cone, leaving you craving for more. Another brilliant option is the Nacho Fries. Could they be any more innovative? Tortilla chips, beans, salsa, sour cream and Fries, all come together for an amazing lip smacking experience.


The drinks served here are of two types: good ol’ milkshakes and cupcake shakes. My personal favourites being Chocolate Milkshake, Belgium cupcake shake, Red velvet shake, Caramel ParleG shake… I’ll just save your time and say: all of them. The newest addition, Caramel ParleG shake is a trip down memory lane, right to childhood! The chocolate shake is serendipitous!

The J is an amazing place to visit with your friends, and family too. Really pocket friendly, this place serves Jain food as well. After visiting the J, it may set you back by a maximum of Rs. 250 per person.

Highly recommended. Happy Binging, y’all!

[Written by Rucha Bedekar. You can follow her food blog on Instagram: @bhukkad_co]

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