How the fashion trends have changed!

Fashion trends come and go; you don’t necessarily have to abide by it, especially, if it clashes with your personal style, opines Sneha Shenoy.

From fascinators to snapbacks, from clogs to vans, from sweater vests to tank tops, from bright eye makeup to contouring; the fashion industry has seen a dramatic change over the years. Fashion is what is popular, what is trendy and what consists of the latest style. Personal style, on the other hand, is what one likes to see themselves wear, something that is comfortable and makes them feel good about themselves. After all, the way you dress affects the way you feel.

Let us throwback into the time when what the royal family wore was considered ‘fashionable’. The 16th and 17th century consisted of intricate designs, heavy embroidery, loud accessories and multiple layers of clothing. Jewellery and wigs were not confined to being worn by women. The introduction of the heeled shoe was a highlight of the 16th century and iconic designers like Christian Louboutin have been carrying out the legacy, ever since.

The 18th century saw more body fitting and silhouette clothing. The clothes were accessorized with small purses, hats and gloves by the women. Men wore hats and bowties.

Fashion in the 19th century was renowned for its corsets, bonnets, bustles and petticoats. Men’s fashion became a little more formal with the introduction of overcoats, tuxedoes and manteaux. It was during the 19th century that the whole idea of looking or dressing in a certain way came up. It created societal pressure on people, especially on the women to look their best.

Although jeans were introduced by Levi Straus in the 18th century, they become a distinctive fashion trend only in the early 20s. Women, men and children – everyone would want to sport the ‘denim’ look. It was only during this time that people gave importance to personal style and wore what suited their body types.

Fashion, now, in the 21st century is all about expressing oneself through one’s outfit. People now-a-days sport all kinds of different styles, be it sporty or chic or glamorous – this century has seen it all.

Coming to all the bizarre and off-the-wall trends and fads on the fashion runway, I’m sure we all have wondered as to who would actually wear those trends in real life, haven’t we? Trends on the runway are just ways of the designers expressing their creativity; they don’t necessarily have to be followed.

Fashion and trends over the years have definitely changed for the better. Although we still follow some primitive fashion trends like choker necklaces, bold eye makeup and clear bags, most of the fashion trends now-a-days are suited to the time. Talking about the craziest fashion trends of our time that include glitter eyebrows, rainbow coloured hair, foot gloves, body accessories, all of which were blowing up all our pinterest and tumblr feeds.

Every country has a fashion true to their own culture, which has seen major transition over the years. Most of the change has been in terms of orientation. Earlier clothes were designed to establish superiority and now, most clothes are designed keeping comfort in mind. Trends have changed for the good over the years and we, fashion lovers, would love to see what is next in store for us, what can we except everyone wearing.

As a lover of fashion, beauty and makeup, I strongly believe that beauty standards from around the world must not be taken seriously. You can wear whatever you feel is right, you feel comfortable in; not paying any heed to what others think. Beauty is not the way others perceive the way you look. Beauty is how you look at yourself and how you feel about yourself. Fashion trends come and go; you don’t necessarily have to abide by it, especially, if it clashes with your personal style. Dress to impress yourself first!



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