Have You Ever Wondered How To Get Those Pink Lips?

Have you ever wondered how to get those pink lips? Here’s a solution!

DIY: Natural Orange Peel Lip Scrub


Undoubtedly, rosy and pink lips can enhance your beauty and make you look visually beautiful. You can achieve those smooth pink and soft lips at home with some amazing natural ingredients, without even spending any penny on expensive cosmetics and beauty products.

Pink lips add a healthy dose of allure and elegance to your personality. Rosy lips can brighten anyone’s presence and can give a friendly touch to your smile. There is no need to slick on loads of lipstick every time; instead you can bring reddish shade on lips using natural ingredients at home. Lips have no oil glands, which make them more prone to dehydration. So, it is essential to take proper care of your lips to make them look soft and supple.

We have the solution for dry and pigmented lips. A magical ingredient Orange peels can bring wonders. Orange peel can be very helpful in treating dull and dark looking lips. It brightens and refreshes your lips and removes excessive oil.
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Set your table with the ingredients. Here is what you require:

–  Dried Orange Peel
–  Grinder
–  Two Teaspoons Of Sugar
–  Few Drops Of Almond Oil

Firstly, grind the dried orange peel for better application as a fine mixture.

Then separate two spoons of orange peel powder in a bowl, add two teaspoons of sugar and add ten to twelve drops of almond oil.

Mix this mixture well and store it a pot.

Gently scrub this mixture for twenty seconds on your lips.

Do this twice a week. Before using this scrub, clean your lips.

At last, dab it off using a tissue.

Get set to make your lips the most distinctive feature of your face and enjoy your soft and kissable lips!

Kanishka Vijay

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