Durga Puja: Here’s How You Can Stay Fit Amidst Such Festivity


With the Durga Pujas right upon us, the plans for day-long pandal hopping and night outs are in full swing. The most awaited festival of Bengal brings with it fun and merriment beyond measure and it is quite easy to get carried away. And it’s not long before the heat, the food, the drinks and the exhaustion catch up with us and wrecks havoc on our health.

To maintain our health even during the festival days it is important to take some basic precautions.

Let’s begin with the most elementary of them all – keeping yourself hydrated. Given the weather this year, the heat and humidity is likely to continue during the Pujas as well. So make sure you drink enough water to make up for all the water loss through sweating. We usually tend to quench our thirst with aerated drinks which might taste great but are high in calories and added sugar. Instead, go for healthier options like freshly squeezed juice or coconut water or lemon water.


Stay hydrated to keep yourself up and running during the five days of the Durga Puja

During Durga Pujas, the entire city of Kolkata is like a huge food festival with food stalls at every nook and corner selling junk food that tastes heavenly. As much as those please our taste buds, but too much of it and you are not only piling up those calories but also risking falling sick, something you just cannot afford during the festivities. Even if we can’t cut these off entirely, we definitely should avoid as much as possible. Make sure to have a healthy snack or a small meal before leaving the house to keep away the hunger pangs and avoid gorging on those street foods.

Street Food Kolkata

Pamper your taste buds with the street foods, but make sure it’s within a certain limit

During these five days, the kitchen in every household is practically closed down as we dine out in various restaurants. Catching up with friends and family over sumptuous food is as much a part of the festival as pandal hopping. As our metabolism slows down considerably at night, it is better to have the heavier meals in the afternoon and leave the lighter ones for the evening.

Fine Dining During Puja

Opt for the lighter foods to keep yourself fit

The Pujas are not quite complete without late night parties with friends and drinks. Alcohol is high in calories and so are the finger food that we generally take with it. So drink in limited quantities and avoid mixing it with soft drinks. In that case, wine, flavored vodka, gin, and tonic are your best bets. Also, eat something filling before you down those shots so that you can keep the chaat intake to a minimum.


Consume alcohol carefully so that there is not too much of calorie intake

Last but not the least, Pujas are not an excuse to skip your daily workout. The late nights can mean that we wake up late the next day but make sure to squeeze in half an hour into your packed schedule for some light exercise or yoga. It will keep you healthy, active and energize you for the long, fun-filled day ahead.

Work-out During Durga Puja

Do not miss out on your daily work-out schedules

With these easy tips make the most of the festivities. Stay fit, have fun!

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